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The business currently employs 12 full-time staff, 2 part timers and two working proprietors Rob Treanor and Bruce Stratton.

Rob Treanor

Managing Director

Rob started his working life as a Saw Doctor, and then trained as a Pattern Maker for J.W. Edwards.  He worked as a Production Controller for Coates Brothers for 6 years.  In 1973 Rob started work for Pacific Aerospace Corp in the prop shop and then moved to the Fibreglass and Thermoplastics division where he learned a variety of procedures including development and testing.

Rob and Bruce Stratton started Ultralite Aircraft Manufacturing in 1977, now known as Composites International Ltd.

Rob Treanor Composites International

Bruce Stratton

Quality Assurance & Tooling

Bruce started his working life in the Hardware and Plumbing Industry becoming a sales representative for the Bay Of Plenty, then assistant Manager for that area.  Bruce moved to Pacific Aerospace Corp in 1970 and worked in a variety of positions, initially in the Air Frame section.  Before leaving he worked in the Thermo Plastics Division where he was promoted to Head of Tooling.

 Bruce and Rob Treanor started Ultralite Aircraft Manufacturing in 1977, now known as Composites International Ltd.

Bruce Stratton Composites International

Clive Whittfield

General Manager

After finishing High School Clive completed an apprenticeship and spent twelve years in the automotive industry, working both in New Zealand and overseas.  Returning to New Zealand in 1987 he began his association with Ultralight Manufacturing, working for Rob and Bruce as a fibreglass laminator. During this time he was involved in a number of significant projects including the development of a kit-built car and building a high performance ‘Glasair' composite aircraft.  Various changes in life and career included running a horticultural business, followed by 12 years serving in the NZ Fire Service.

Clive eventually returned to composite manufacturing and a close association with the Aviation sector, taking up his current position as General Manager of Composites International in 2007.  Clive has always had a keen interest in sport aviation, earning his private pilot license in 1985, and is currently building his own Vans RV6 aircraft.

Clive Whittfield Composites International

Steve Ngapare

Senior Foreman

After leaving the Armed Forces Steve worked in the boating industry for over 20 years as a chopper gun operator.  Promoted to Production Supervisior Steve filled that role in various companies including Formula Boats and Rayglass Boats.

Steve joined Composites International in September 2008 in the position of Senior Foreman.

Steve Ngapare Composites International